Protecting Zoom Meetings from Disruption

If you think you have a problem with alcohol or need to speak with another alcoholic, please call the Boulder County Intergroup hotline number at 303-447-8201.

Unwanted disruptions are taking place during some online meetings using the Zoom videoconference service.* Experience from A.A. members and Intergroups suggests groups can decrease these disruptions by using specific safety and privacy features available on that service, and by giving service responsibilities to members to address safety and disruption concerns. Some suggestions from members and other Intergroups  include:

  • Disable File Transfer
  • Disable Screen Sharing for Users
  • Disable ability for attendees to un-mute themselves
  • Consider locking meetings after the meeting starts
  • Have a Co-Host who can mute/unmute participants and if necessary, turn off a participant’s video/remove a disruptive participant
  • Disable private chat and chat recording
  • Set your username for anonymity

The following links and resources share tactics and tools that can help groups continue holding online meetings in a safer and less disruptive way: 

New York City Intergroup’s instructions regarding ZOOM setting and meeting practices:

A.A. Intergroup of SF/Marin County’s information on handling meeting disruptions in the moment:

Thom R.’s summary of meeting tactics and Zoom meeting settings:

Each A.A. group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or A.A. as a whole, and can determine how to conduct its meetings through its group conscience. Boulder County Intergroup is not affiliated with any individual or other Intergroup mentioned above.  These links and suggestions are provided to share experience in the AA community. Boulder County Intergroup does not endorse any specific software, online solution or meeting format.

*At this time we are only aware of A.A. experience with Zoom and suggestions here reflect collected solutions specific to that platform. We will update shared experience on this matter as needed.