Bridging the Gap

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Are you currently in a treatment facility and do you need help getting to your first meeting?

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NOTE: If you are NOT in a treatment facility but you are interested in speaking with a member of AA, please call 303-447-8201.
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“Part of Bridging the Gap between a treatment program and A.A. is the Temporary Contact Program, which is designed to help the alcoholic in an alcoholism treatment program make that transition. … one of the more “slippery” places in the journey to sobriety is between the door of the facility and the nearest A.A. group or meeting. Some of us can tell you that, even though we heard of A.A. in treatment, we were too fearful to go. A.A. experience suggests that attending meetings regularly is critical. In order to bridge the gap, A.A. members have volunteered to be temporary contacts and introduce newcomers to Alcoholics Anonymous.”

— Reprinted from “Bridging the Gap Between Treatment & A.A. Through Temporary Contact Programs” with permission of A.A. World Services. Inc.

While A.A. is not affiliated with any form of alcoholism treatment, A.A. Treatment committees are essential in carrying the A.A. message to treatment facilities where the suffering alcoholic may be introduced to A.A. for the first time. According to the A.A. 2011 Membership Survey, 32% of our members cited treatment facilities as a factor most responsible for them coming to A.A.

— Reprinted from, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.