COVID-19 Updates

This page contains information around AA and the Corona Virus. Note that this is an evolving situation and we will update this page with new updates as they are available.

Central Office

Central Office is back open. See our “Bookstore” page for more information. Please see this document for details about literature, volunteering, and other Intergroup activities.

Online Meetings

To find area meetings which are now online please search the meeting app or website for “Online”. All meetings which are available online have been updated with a title which reflects online availability. There should be information about how to access the meeting online in the meeting description – or there will be information about how to obtain that information.

There is also a list of pre-existing online groups and meetings here – these are not groups in Boulder Intergroup who have recently gone online.

Suspended Meetings

Some meetings are being suspended because the location they are held in has been closed. These meetings have been indicated as “Suspended” in the meeting guide. When meeting organizers have provided dates, we have included those in the description, otherwise they are indicated as “Suspended until further notice”.

Providing updates to the Meeting Schedule

If you are operating a group which has suspended meetings, or if you are operating a group which is continuing to operate online, please make sure to use the “Request a change to this listing” link on your meeting page, or contact with details so that we can accurately reflect meeting status.

General AA links and information: